Can the letters be used outside?

Absolutely! Our props can be used anywhere you like! However, if we are facing heavy wind or rain, we may have to put them in a sheltered position to ensure the safety of you and your guests.

Can we decorate the letters?

Subject to prior approval – Sure thing! We totally encourage a little creativity and can put you in touch with some amazing florists/stylists to help you create a unique prop.


Does your pricing include delivery & set up

Most certainly! All of our pricing is inclusive of delivery within 1 hour of Modbury for our word sets and ½ hour for our individual letters, symbols, or numbers.

Collection time is within 12 hours from the event finishing time.

Which letters & numbers do you have?

We have most A-Z letters available along with numbers 1-0 and a ♥ sign

If we don't have a letter/number/symbol available we can have it made by our local designers here in Adelaide. Please allow at least  4 weeks to get them ready for you. 


Got a question we haven't answered? Please feel free to get in touch!